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  • Me: I'm going to start eating healthy food.
  • Me: *eats entire 4-ounce cup of Panchero's queso*


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Cabin on Vestmann Island, Iceland. Contributed by Noémie Varin-Lachapelle.


The Great Escape. 

I bought a candle today that I used to have becauseĀ I remembered really liking the smell.

But when I lit it, I immediately regretted my decision

Because it reminded me of late nights on the phone with Levi

And then I got sad.



Realistic Animal Crossing Characters :3

Eunice!! <3


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Trochaic Tetrameter

So for the Creative Writing class I’m in, we were assigned to write a poem in a specific meter. I originally wrote this mediocre 10-line poem in dactylic tetrameter the day it was assigned and tucked it away because I didn’t really care for the assignment…but for some reason I got really passionate about rhythm and meter when I got drunk a couple nights later. Here’s what I found in the notes on my phone the next morning:

I can feel the world, it’s spinning

As I’m drifting, endless sleeping

Counting stars beneath the clouds and

Watching leaves and list’ning loudly

So profoundly drifting, drifting

Drifting off to sleep I think.

I can hardly breathe, but still

I stay; I stay and wait and dream.

I’m drunk I think, but still I dream

I dream until I fall asleep.

I don’t know why, but I just find it interesting that I can write in perfect trochaic tetrameter, utilizing internal rhyme and imagery, while drunk.


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